Our Partners

TaxisNetwork Partners

TaxisNetwork is a an upgraded and new age concept of Booking Supply and Collective Marketing, with

cutting edge features and facilities catering to the fundamental requirements of Taxi Partners,

Customers and Drivers simultaneously. We have been in the Industry for over 20 years and have been

constantly marketing all over London and surrounding Counties. We have nearly 300 Partners from all

sectors of Private Hire Transport and we are looking for more Minicab Partners, Chauffeur Partners and

Coach and Minibus Partners, who are eager to provide quality customer service and maintain strong


TaxisNetwork extensively promotes their registered Minicab Partners all over London and Surrounding

Counties based upon the coverage area and price setup by the Taxi Partners. There is a 24 hour Auction

and unlimited supply of bookings from all the Boroughs of London. We also provide bookings from your

local areas as Instant Bookings, for immediate service. Multiple bases could be set for Instant bookings.

The bookings provided to our Minicab Partners or Agents are a mixture of Airport transfers, Station

transfers, School runs and many more, for all types of vehicles including saloon, estate and MPV. We

also provide Luxury and Executive class bookings especially for Chauffeur Companies. Chauffeur

Partners could give advanced quotations and get their bookings way before the journey. Our new

agenda for coming New Year is to include Minibus and Coach Transfers as our Partners, since we have

been working on creating a customer base for Minibus and Coach Partners as well.

We charge 12% commission including VAT, irrespective of any class or type of vehicle. We do not charge

Registration fees, Monthly fees or any hidden charges. We do not promote penalizing our Partners for

vague reasons, therefore our team comprising of nearly 40 representatives will be in constant touch and

follow up with each booking. Cab Partners shall be given timely and regular phone call and email alerts.

We do realize that the customer service quality couldn’t be compromised, therefore a system of ranking

partners and their services based on customer feedback and weekly performance analysis is in place.

Those partners with good results shall be promoted more vividly and shall avail many benefits.

The registration process is simple, click the link below and fill the form. The documents must be

uploaded in the portal after registration. Soon one of our representatives shall call you to discuss and

guide further with the setup.